2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rattlesnake Hills
Yakima Valley, Washington, USA

Alc 12.5%


The Back Label:


It had something to do with sheep. It must have! Iíd be crushed if there were no connections between lambs in Bordeaux and plant breeding. Were sheep the leavening in the ťlevage of Bordeaux wines from Cabernet Franc-based pinkish Claret to Cabernet Sauvignon-based Rouge? What recipe required the creation of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety in 1600? Iíll take the plunge . . . there was a lamb involved. íTwas a conspiracy! A cuvee of shepherds and vignerons . . .


We confess. We raise lamb, and lamb in the freezer calls for Cabernet Sauvignon in the cellar. If I am eating lamb chops, beef steaks, wild goose, or portobello mushrooms with glop, my first thought is a red with berry plummy flavors, some grip to balance the meal, plenty of depth of flavor . . . oh! Itís in your hand!


And just a bit more information:


OK, we really donít have any more information at the moment, but arenít these QR codes cool? And just as soon as Paul as a free moment to breath, Iíll get him to write up some stuff to put here.










12.5% alc


Where do I get more?


Paradisos del Sol wine is always available at our tasting room or by calling us at 509.829.9000 (we deliver to the greater Seattle area and ship to a small number of states). We are also found in a very tiny number of wine shops. Please look on the order page of our web site for the current list.


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