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There are several ways to order wine from us. (You must be 21 to order wine from us.)


The easiest way is to come to our tasting room and try the wine out for yourself and buy it! We sell almost all of our wine through our tasting room.


You can also find our wine in a very select few wine shops and restaurants. The list is near the bottom of this page.


BBC (Bung it in the Boot of your Car) delivery program:


Several times during the year, we deliver wine to the greater Seattle Metro area (up and down the I-5 corridor). We call it our BBC (Bung it in the Boot of your Car) delivery program. We send out an e-mail to our email list (just let us know if you would like to be on it), you respond with an order, we send you an invoice, and we bring your wine to your door at home or at your business. Sometimes we have a wine and food tasting party (pre-pandemic). You come by and pick up your wine and try some of our new releases and our fabulous food. This is also a way to get your friends and family to try our wine if they don’t want to come all the way out to Zillah.


Wine with Friends

           Wine tasting in your home


This is currently on hold until the pandemic ends. But perhaps you want to think about getting together with friends later:


Here is something we think you will have lots of fun with. It is called Wine with Friends. These are wine tastings with different flavors. Here are two possibilities:


           1.  Regular tasting


Wine for tasting

Little food plates (micro mini Lilliputian winemaker dinner)

$10/person, waived with $30 purchase each

Minimum six people

Host gets 15% off 1-11 bottles or 30% off 12+

     (Or special pricing, whichever is better)

Leftover wine is removed at end


           2.  Wine Party


Full bottle of each wine (at 50% of retail)

Minimum of five wines up to all that we produce (your choice)

Little food plates (micro mini Lilliputian winemaker dinner)

$5/person, waived with $20 purchase each

Minimum six people

Host gets 15% off 1-11 bottles or 30% off 12+

     (Or special pricing, whichever is better)

You get to keep opened wine

You provide any extra food for the party


At the end of the event, we encourage you and your friends to order wine and pay for it. It will be delivered the next trip over. Either event involves our usual kind of educational wine tasting (Sip Sip Bite Sip) that we do in our tasting room, but it saves you the drive over to Zillah.


The Wine Party option would be great to do in conjunction with a book club. We might even read the book!


We are willing to drive almost anywhere. Contact us via phone or email and see what we can put together. We will be doing this, starting right away, all winter and spring and perhaps into the summer. We can’t wait to meet your friends and have wine with them: Wine with Friends!


Shipping Wine


If you live in the following states, we can ship wine directly to you:


Washington, Alaska, DC, Minnesota, and Montana


1.      You can download this spreadsheet To_Order and fill it out on your computer. You can e-mail it back to us e-mail PdS or print it out and mail it. Or you can download our PDF order form and send that to us. 

2.      Phone us at 509.829.9000 and we will take your order in person!

3.      E-mail us with the order information in the e-mail. We will send you an invoice that you can pay in various ways (online via Square, ACH bank transfer, mails us a check, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Cash, Square’s Cash App).


If you live elsewhere, then please contact us directly. We might be able to accommodate you and would love to try. You can use VinoShipper to ship legally to a lot more states. Here is the current list:
















New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota




South Carolina

South Dakota




West Virginia




*Shipping to California is very expensive, VinoShipper ships to a central California location and then shipping is charged again from that location to your location in California.


Shipping can only happen across country in the autumn and spring when the weather is mild. Winter and summer temperatures are too extreme for the wine.


Thank you for buying wine from us!





411 E Yakima Avenue

Yakima, WA  98901


Or email


Yakima Visitor Center

101 N Fair Avenue

Yakima, WA 98901



Or email




Paradisos del Sol Wine Order



Please fill out this order form and either e-mail it or mail it to us. Don’t forget to mark the method of payment and either mail us a check or give us your credit card information. Sounds like too much trouble? We would be happy to take your order over the phone (509.829.9000). Our case price is for any 12 or more bottles that you order. You can mix and match.


Bottle Price

Case Price


2021 Rosé Paradiso (750ml)





2015 Oyster White (750ml)




2015 Sève (750ml)




2016 B's Blend (750ml)




2015 Sangiovese (750ml)




2014 Rojo Paradisos (750ml)





2015 Zort (375ml)




2015 Angelica MRS (375ml)




Total bottles =

Order Total

We have thousands of delivery people in little trucks (FedEx). In WA pay by check on case orders over $100 each and we will deliver for free; use your credit card and there is a possible $20-30 per case shipping and handling fee. Shipping varies for lesser quantities and other regions. Please phone us for shipping costs. At the moment we can ship to WA, AK, and MN (All prices are subject to change without notice.) Look at VinoShipper for the other states.

In WA, please enter your local tax rate.




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Paradisos del Sol, 3230 Highland Dr, Zillah, WA 98953













Paradisos del Sol


3230 Highland Drive

Zillah, WA  98953






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