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BBC delivery 12/20/17óorder by noon 12/20/17 to ensure delivery
†††† Home or office delivery to Puget Sound area and beyond (Bung it in the Boot of your Car)
Certified Organic!
†††† As of August, we are official
New Releases, Almost Sold Out, and Sale Wines
†††† New Releases: Riesling, Angelica MRS
†††† Almost Sold Out: Baby Barn Owl Red
†††† Sale: Bís Blend, Sangiovese
Special Events
†††† Vineyard Tours
Words from the Winegrower
†††† Winter is Coming
Wine with Friends
†† ††Wine tasting in your home

If the sun seems to be lacking where you live, come to where we live.
Wine is half price if itís raining when you purchase it in our tasting room.

**** Virtual tour video here ****

BBC delivery 12/20/17óorder by noon 12/20/17 to ensure delivery
†††† Home or office delivery to Puget Sound area and beyond (Bung it in the Boot of your Car)

I am going over to Seattle for a quick wine run to make sure everyone has a chance to get their last minute Christmas presents. On a tight budget? Gotta lotta friends you want to show some holiday love? How does $7 a person sound, $14 if you go deluxe? Buy a case of Bís Blend and a case of Sangiovese and you have enough for 12-24 presents. And we will do the gift wrapping for you.

With all the money you just saved, you can afford to get some Rosť for your own Christmas turkey or ham dinner. And we can get it to you this week if you live between Zillah and the greater Seattle area. Just order by Wednesday noon.

Call or text 509.829.9000 or message me on Facebook or email me. Iíve been watching the Santa Clause movies and canít wait to deliver some Christmas joy.

No amount of wine is too small or too big to deliver. Ordering instructions are on our order page and here is the PDF order form or the XLS version. This is a different price list than what is on our order page. If you are returning customers, you get 10% off our usual prices and 20% off for case price (rather than 15%). Cases prices are even better for the two that we have on sale.

I will drive to Seattle on Wednesday 12/20/17. Order by noon that same day and it will be Bunged in the Boot of my Car (BBC). Give us a call (509.829.9000)! You will want to know about our sale wines before you order. Read on . . .

Certified Organic!
†††† As of August, we are official

Officially a certified organic vineyard. Earlier in 2017 we decided to do the paper work and pay the fees to have our vineyard certified Organic by WSDA. It was a decision based on the need to expand our marketing beyond our tasting room. Since we havenít used a pesticide for years and I have utilized the principles espoused by Rodale and Howard since I was eight (1961) years old, the inspection was a snap. Much easier than at Badger Mountain in 1988, switching from synthetics to organics.

Our inspector was a bit stymied by our records of inputs being so minimal. If you donít spray anything, you have no records. Water, manure, grape pomace, and wine lees were our only ďinputsĒ besides blood, sweat, and tears. Which they donít monitor. He seemed quite impressed with our biodiversity program and the plans we have to improve it.

Iím working on making amends for destroying native plants on Red Mountain in the eighties by planting sagebrush on our farm this coming year. Not just sagebrush but a dozen or more other native plants that were plowed out before I was born.

If you are a PCC shopper in the Seattle area, please request our wines. We are trying to get ďon the shelfĒ in those stores, we think we are a fit. Zero Pesticides grapes, lightweight, recycled glass bottle made in Seattle, zero-carbon footprint closure, only ingredient-labeled wine produced in Washington. We will appreciate your support.

New Releases, Almost Sold Out, and Sale Wines
†††† New Releases: Riesling, Angelica MRS
†††† Almost Sold Out: Baby Barn Owl Red
†††† Sale: Bís Blend, Sangiovese

New release wines

2015 Riesling

As one of the Worldís slowest winegrowers, weíve just released our 2015 Riesling ($22).

Riesling for people who prefer dry wines. Riesling for sushi, spicy curries, salsa verde, ceviche, grilled chicken with fresh peach salsa. Almost dry, with the acidity to bring a dish alive. The MOST versatile wine with foods. My number one choice for the dog days of summer and light meals.

Our vines are The Deadmanís Clone, the history fogged by murder. I suspect the ancestral source lies on the Mosel long ago. The benchmarks are: pineapple, citrus, spice, and pine, with low pH. Well suited for drier style wines. Slow winemaking, fermented and aged sur lies in both barrels and tank.

On our beautiful, breezy, sunny little ridge in the Rattlesnake Hills, we are able to grow this with zero use of pesticides on the vines since 2012. Pure, elegant, wholistically wholesome.

Ingredients: grapes, yeast, bentonite clay, potassium metabisulfite

I almost hurt myself laughing a few months ago, ďDrĒ Loosen was here from Germany. They do a thing with Ch. Ste. Michele, the Eroica project. Loosen was quoted as saying at home he only drinks Riesling more than five years old. He was promoting the 2016 Eroica. Hmm. Something he wouldnít drink?

Iím kinda like that (the drinking older Rieslings bit not the promoting what I wonít drink bit). Our Riesling is most always the oldest in the room. I think the 2015 is a bit immature, sort of like dating a younger woman, when you KNOW the best are older. The 2015 I had with my sauerkraut the other night was also a bit young. 2012 is wonderful right now. Damn, I only have a few bottles left!

Itís crazy, people spend stupid amounts for three-year-old mediocre Cabernet Sauvignon but wonít spend $30 for a five-year-old Riesling that is incredible. Before WW II, Riesling was often the most expensive wines on a list, makes sense, they are astonishing good with so many dishes. But the Germans lost, Alsace is now French (again), and the Chinese are pissing away their dollars in Bordeaux.

Riesling, the favorite white of over 85% of Washingtonís professional winemakers. I really only make it for me.

2013 Angelica MRS

Made for the ultimate holiday, Thanksgiving. Truly American, non-denominational, not even religious. A holiday dedicated to food, friends, family, and being grateful to have them.

It usually ends with a course of things that are sweet and laced with cinnamon and other spices. That is why I make Angelica. The only uniquely American wine.

Our Angelica is the wine to end your meal with special friends. Serve with grilled peaches, baked apples, poached pears, and crŤme brŻlťe, anything that could involve cinnamon. It is a must with pumpkin pie and is astonishingly good with snicker doodles. All those desserts that remind you of Thanksgiving.

The lovely fruit aromas are Semillon, Riesling, Muscat Blanc, and Orange Muscat, all from our vineyard. The sweetness is from the arrested ferment of indigenous and cultured yeasts. The lush texture comes from fermenting in mature barrels and aging on the lees.

Angelicas are uniquely American wines. They were made in the missions as communion wines.

In 2013, no chemical sprays were applied to our vines. Yay!

Remember, satisfaction guaranteed.

Baby Barn Owl Red ó Almost Sold Out
We are no longer making Baby Barn Owl Red available for tasting at the winery. We only have a few cases left and then we are out of our second label Naked Chick Wines for until who knows when? No plans at the moment for more.

Wine Specials
Special price continuation on Sangviovese and Bís Blend:

50% off 12 bottles Bís Blend††††††††††† $84††††† ($7/bottle)
50% off 12 bottles Sangiovese†††††††††† $84††††† ($7/bottle)

And of course, you can do any sort of mix and match of sale and non-sale wines and get case prices.

Live Owl Cam
The Barn Owl cam is done for the season. Between our two nests, a total of at least 15 owlets fledged. After that we donít know how many live to adulthood. We can still see them flying around and hear them screeching at night. They are quite beautiful and ethereal. You donít ever hear them flying but you look up and see one go by. Sometimes they spend minutes twittering. Havenít figured out what that is about yet.

We use ten cents from every bottle of Baby Barn Owl Red that we sell to make more barn owl boxes. So far we have built eight. Once we are completely sold out, we will let you know how much money you helped fund for more owl boxes.

Special Events
†††† Vineyard Tours

Vineyard Tours
Paul offers vineyard tours every Sunday morning at 9. Itís only $20 per person and includes our wine tasting at the end. He visits four different vineyards and talks about what is going on right now. They are very educational and fun. I learn something new every time I tag along. The vineyard tour takes about two hours and then another chunk of time for the wine tasting. Click here to reserve your spot: Book Vineyard Tour. Have you ever wondered how we manage to have a pesticide-free vineyard? Then you should come along for a tour.

Words from the Winegrower
†††† Winter is coming

Long before Game of Thrones, this was Walter Cloreís message.

We start preparing in May. June, July being cautious. August is the critical month, shutting down vegetative growth to start lignification. September, being careful to avoid restarting vegetative growth, being careful not to lose leaves to water stress. October, whew, itís easy again, keep everything hydrated. Give a good irrigation before the water goes off.

Winter, and our ability to prepare for it with water management, is why Washington is the best wine region on Earth. Because we can control water, and consequently growth, and need to do so to survive sub-zero winters, we end up doing what is also optimal for terrific wine.

Winter demands certain viticultural practices. The best growers around the world follow them, if they can. But mostly they are at Mother Natureís whim for rain and consequently have not our control of vegetative growth and canopy management. I AM the Rain God of our farm (well maybe not quite a god, I only control 50-75% of the water to the vines [perhaps some minor deity, spirit, ok, Iíll settle for Hobbit {although my feet are not very furry, but my sonís are}]) because I can control growth with water. We can use deep, rich soils for wine. We donít have to use poor, rocky ground that doesnít hold water.

Do our wines taste better because they are in fertile, nutrient abundant soils? Because the only nutrient limit is water? I have to say, as an organic gardener for over fifty years, I suspect it is so. (Have you had a salad from my garden? Have you had some beef from our pastures? Had a real egg lately?) Fertility! Not just a goddess! Well, actually for most of human history, THE GODESS. Farmers! What can ya do?

Wine with Friends
†††† Wine tasting in your home

Having a few people over? Want to do something fun before a book club meeting? Donít know what to do with your house full of relatives? Want to do an employee-morale event? Want to make Barbara happy?

We have a program that we think you will really enjoy. It is called Wine with Friends. This is where we bring our tasting room experience to your home. We do all the work, you have all the fun (well, we have lots of fun also). We have several under our belt now and we are hoping that many more of you sign up to do one.

Here are a couple of many possibilities:

1.Our Regular Tasting

Wine for tasting
Little food plates (35-calorie micro-mini Lilliputian winemaker dinner)
$10/person, waived with $30 purchase each (on average)
Minimum six people
Host gets 15% off 1-11 bottles or 30% off 12+ (Or special pricing, whichever is better)
Leftover wine is removed at end

2.A Wine Party for You

Full bottle of each wine (at 50% off retail)
Minimum of five wines up to all that we produce (your choice)
Little food plates (35-calorie micro-mini Lilliputian winemaker dinner)
$5/person, waived with $20 purchase each (on average)
Minimum six people
Host gets 15% off 1-11 bottles or 30% off 12+ (Or special pricing, whichever is better)
You get to keep opened wine
You provide any extra food for the party

At the end of the event, we are thrilled if you and your friends want to order wine (oh and pay for it). It will be delivered the next trip over. Either event involves our usual kind of educational and fun wine tasting (Sip Sip Bite Sip) that we do in our tasting room, but it saves you the drive over to Zillah (think of all that gasoline and money you would save).

The Wine Party option would be great to do in conjunction with a book club. We usually even read the book!

We can drive almost anywhere. Contact us via phone or email and see what we can put together. We canít wait to meet your friends and have wine with them: Wine with Friends!

By the by, we have checked out the pricing of other people doing these wine parties at private homes and ours seem to be the least expensive by far. Plus you get our decades of experience and the fun of a Paradisos del Sol party right in your living room. Give us a try!

For our regular readers, this is where we pitch the plea to help us grow our business and review us on Yelp or Facebook or TripAdvisor. We really appreciate all of you who have giving us reviews. Please note: Yelp has a policy of not posting reviews unless the person reviews at least three or four other businesses. Crazy, huh? So we encourage you to review away! Us, our neighbors, your barber, your local.

Thank you for continuing to buy wine from us! Give us a call if you donít want to deal with the order form, we are happy to do whatever it takes to continue to get our wine to you. If you didnít keep drinking our wine, we couldnít keep doing what we love (which also includes drinking our wine). So, we raise our glasses to you!

Paul & Barbara


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