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Catch the Crush!


Autumn is Here and We are Nearing the End of our End of Summer Sale


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Vineyard Tours (every Sunday 9am) or by appointment



If the sun seems to be lacking where you live, come to where we live.
Wine is half price if it’s raining when you purchase it in our tasting room.

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Catch the Crush!


Catch the Crush is a fun idea!


We are doing a micro-crush experience for our patrons.


A hands-IN demonstration of how we analyze grapes for ripeness, how we determine if it is time to pick.


We will set you up to crush and press grapes to create a small glass of grape juice for analysis.


We will also teach you how to taste a grape to evaluate the important parameters of taste. You will learn why winegrowers are extra sweet this time of year!


Grapes, sieves, test tubes, centrifuge, refractometer, pH meter, and glasses included, you provide the taste buds. And your fingers.


Come join us for this enhanced tasting experience for Catch the Crush weekend (10/8-9). It will also include our usual wine tasting of a small plate with micro-portions of yummy nibbles to accompany each of our wines.


$10 tasting with Catch the Crush experience included. Reservations highly recommended but not required.


P.S. With a $30 purchase we waive the tasting fee.

See the video below to get a better idea of what to expect.


Free home wine deliveries coming up. We will be delivering wine starting Monday, September 26, and over the following week.

PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form



Autumn is Here and We are Nearing the End of our End of Summer Sale!

We were feeling optimistic in 2013, 2014, and 2015. We were thinking the recession was soon to be done and that business would be brisk. We missed by a few years. When you make wine for 4 to 6 years in the future and you don’t have a crystal ball, you miss the mark a lot. Not to mention, that there are now six times more tasting rooms!
Then, of course, 2020 hit! A year where being long on inventory meant inventory got even longer.
So we have some absolutely prime wines that are ready to drink now. We are really enjoying the 2015 Séve and the 2015 Zort and 2015 Angelica MRS, but we want to move them along and we would like people to drink them now when they are fabulous.
These three wines are at the crest of evolution, they should be drinking well for another couple of years.

End of summer special on our Sève, 50% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. The Sève is our favorite with many Thai dishes. Thai fresh rolls on a warm day with a chilled glass is delightful. We also drink it regularly with stir-fried vegetables from the garden finished with some peanut sauce. Even though I rarely have wine without food, a glass of Sève is often in the kitchen as I prep. I really like Chenin Blanc! I’m especially proud that it is the first, but not last, variety on which we have never used any type of pesticide. Planted in 2010.
Angelica MRS 30% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. It is now peach season! When grilling outdoors, I split some peaches, dust them with pumpkin pie spice, and put them on the cooling fire. Great dessert! More commonly I have some chilled melon with Angelica MRS at sunset. Yes! Another bite at 9 after evening irrigation rounds.

Zort 2015 30% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. A new vintage for us chocolate lovers. Buy two and get an Intrigue Chocolate bar (value $12). Mostly Zinfandel with touches of Temprañillo and Sangiovese. Right now, I’m test driving it with Intrigue Chocolate’s Guajillo Chili, Hibiscus, Cassia Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean chocolate bar. They are made for each other! The nice thing with Zort is you can take a couple of weeks to consume the bottle. Just put it in the pantry with the chocolate. The bar is 100 grams and I find 10 grams a generous portion. I find a ratio of 2-3 bottles per bar about right. We can also deliver Intrigue Chocolate with your wine order.



In the Vineyard

The only ones that have time to lounge around these days are the puppers. The rest of us are hopping about trying to get everything done.

It is shaping up to be a late vintage. We are going to be sweating whether frost comes before optimal picking time!


In my career, cool vintages have happened many times. I have often reviewed how to reduce acid and add sugar to get wines in balance. I have never had to do it. The fruit has always reached The Zone.


Over the long haul our cooler vintages have made marvelous wines. IF given the time to develop rather than being consumed in infancy. The reason Washington produces such fabulous wines is our cool, slow ripening that develops flavors and retains the acidity.


It is looking good right now. No smoke! Average weather, which means sunny, dry, highs 75-85, lows in the 40-50 range.


Which means multiple clothing adjustments. Long pants and jackets in the morning, left strewn about the farm as it warms during the day (jackets, not pants). Maybe a switch to shorts and t-shirt after lunch. Sometimes I find clothing weeks after it has been left in the field. But if I don’t, that is why I always try to wear clothing that composts!


It is a lovely time to visit. Traffic is light, tasting rooms are not crowded, crush to observe, farm stands loaded with good things to take home. Peaches, apples, sweet corn, wine . . . Winter is coming.


We are proud that this vintage will take us to ten years of producing wine from grapes grown without any sort of pesticides, organic or otherwise.


This is what we are doing for Catch the Crush! October 8-9


Bung it in the Boot
(of our Car)!

The next free delivery will be beginning 9/26. Get your orders in by 6pm 9/25 and we will put you in our wine wagon and deliver over the next few days.


How to Order Wine

Your honored status as our returning customer gets you 10% off of 2 bottles through 11 bottles and 20% - 50% off of 12 bottles or more. These discounts are already reflected below and in the order forms: PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.

Here is the list of wines available and their prices:


Bottle Price


2021 Rosé Paradiso 750ml



2015 Oyster White 750ml



2015 Sève 750ml (50%)



2016 B's Blend 750ml



2016 Sangiovese 750ml



2014 Rojo Paradisos 750ml



2015 Zort 375ml (30%) (NEW)



2015 Angelica MRS 375ml (30%)



Intrigue Chocolate Bars







Want to send wine? We can do that for you. Or you can go to VinoShipper and do it yourself. Shipping is dependent on weather, can't do it if it is too cold or too hot. Give us a call and we can help with your arrangements.

We recommend it be sent prior to Thanksgiving rather than later when sub-zero temperatures may make it impossible. Plus our Rosé is fabulous with turkey and Angelica MRS is literally made with Pumpkin Pie in mind.

Pick up the phone and call in an order, or reply to this email, or send a text to 509-829-9000 or message us via FaceBook. Barbara loves to hear from you, so a call is always welcome.


  1. We can deliver wine directly to your home or to the home of your relative or friend. Estimated delivery begins 9/26. PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.
  2. If you are local or want to come for a visit, we are open for tasting and sales 11-6 every day. You must be vaccinated to do our tastings indoors. Everyone is welcome outdoors.
  3. You can get a gift card from us either electronically or we can send out a physical gift card for you. Give us a call for the physical card 509.829.9000.
  4. If your wine gift is going out of the state of Washington, you can order via VinoShipper. Whether we can ship to that location during the winter is dependent on the weather. If it is too hot, we have to hold off on shipping until the weather cools off a bit. If it is too cold, then we need to wait for things to warm up a bit. 


If you want to keep up with us on a daily basis, you can follow us on FaceBook or Instagram.

You are welcome to spend time outdoors, take a walk around the vineyard, or a longer walk around our neighborhood. We can direct you to walks of 1 -10 miles, bring your dog!


We are still doing vineyard tours Sunday through Friday if you happen to be in the area.

We are so very thankful that you include us in your wine consumption and we hope that you will keep us in your rotation.
Thanks so much for continuing to support our tiny winery. And for supporting zero-pesticide organically grown wines.

Asking for a bit of help

Like many small wineries depending on direct-to-consumer sales, the past two years have been difficult.
Google reviews have become very important to small businesses. So too, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. But when it comes to searches, Google rules.
If you want to give us some support (other than the obvious of buying more wine), the best thing you can do is to take a few minutes and share your perspective on our tiny winery.
Go here on Google and look under reviews and add your own. Also feel free to post a photo or two or three.

All the best from our home to yours,

Paul and Barbara










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