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If the sun seems to be lacking where you live, come to where we live.
Wine is half price if itís raining when you purchase it in our tasting room.

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Next Wine Delivery 6/14!


Your next opportunity of getting wine magically at your front door (assuming you live between Seattle and Zillah or up and down the I-5 corridor) is next Tuesday, 6/14. Order anytime before 6pm on Monday, 6/13, and you will be able to restock with your favorite wine. Click here to scroll down a bit to find out how to order wine if you don't know already. Or read on and you will get there! PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form


Vineyard to Vintner
6/18 - 6/19


Come to the Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail for the Vineyard to Vintner Weekend this June 18 and 19. The participating wineries will be providing special vineyard tours and winemaking demonstrations that will give you an inside look at what goes into growing wine grapes and the winemaking process. There are lots of different offerings, here is what we are doing:

Paul Vandenberg, winegrower of Paradisos del Sol Winery and Organic Vineyard, will take you on a vineyard tour of our on-site organic no-pesticide vineyard comparing ours to conventional vineyards. He will share insights of 39 vintages as a vineyard manager, executive winemaker, cellar rat, and consultant here in Washington. Then he will personally guide you through a tasting of our wines accompanied by very light appetizers. 9am - 11am, Saturday and Sunday.

Normally we charge $20 per person for a vineyard tour. Here is your opportunity to go for free!

In the Vineyard

Another Wild Spring!
Last year it was record heat. This year April gave us two record cold nights. The month was 10 degrees below for average high daily temperatures. May and June have had mostly below average temperatures.
The two record April cold nights caused some major damage in the varieties that start growth early. Some varieties buds were susceptible to temperatures below 25 F like Sangiovese, Xarelēlo, and Teroldego.
Grape buds are actually three buds, primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary is much more fruitful than the secondary, it starts growth first, sometimes itís the only bud that opens, one to three clusters versus one or two smaller clusters in the secondary bud. The tertiary is often non fruitful. Losing the primaries results in a half crop. When the early developing first buds get frozen the secondary and tertiary buds come into play.
Part of the equation of wine growing in a cold climate!
The later varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec are largely unaffected, part of the reason late ďpushingĒ varieties are preferred in Washington. Iíll likely have to remove some fruit from those varieties to get the right balance. Unfortunately, I canít glue those onto the Sangiovese, Xarelēlo, and Teroldego!
We are busy, busy, busy shoot thinning. I have Bertha, and her husband some days, helping me get the canopy thinned out so we donít need to spray for powdery mildew. With the cool sprinkly weather we have been having, it may not be enough. We may have to resort to a fungicide treatment for the first time since 2012. Iím still hoping for another Zero Biocide season.
Overall, Iím fairly content with progress in the vineyard. Itís beautiful right now with the abundance of life. Come for a tour! Father's Day weekend they are free.


VIDEO: Shoot thinning to avoid the use of biocides.


Bung it in the Boot
(of our Car)!

The next delivery will be beginning 6/14. Get your orders in by 6pm 6/13 and we will put you in our wine wagon and deliver over the next few days.


How to Order Wine


Your honored status as our returning customer gets you 10% off of 2 bottles through 11 bottles and 20% - 50% off of 12 bottles or more. These discounts are already reflected below and in the order forms: PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.

Here is the list of wines available and their prices:


Bottle Price


2018 Rosť Paradiso 750ml



2015 Oyster White 750ml



2015 SŤve 750ml (NEW)



2016 B's Blend 750ml



2016 Sangiovese 750ml



2014 Rojo Paradisos 750ml



2013 Zort 375ml (50%)



2015 Angelica MRS 375ml (30%)



Intrigue Chocolate Bars







Want to send wine? We can do that for you. Or you can go to VinoShipper and do it yourself. Shipping is dependent on weather, can't do it if it is too cold or too hot. Give us a call and we can help with your arrangements.

Pick up the phone and call in an order, or reply to this email, or send a text to 509-829-9000 or message us via FaceBook. Barbara loves to hear from you, so a call is always welcome.


Our approach to reduce our Carbon Footprint (and yours)


As always free delivery to your doorstep. Order two cases and we will give you a $20 discount, order three and get a $40 discount (and another $20 back for each case after that). It costs us about $20 to deliver a case and if we can do two or more at a stop, we can travel fewer miles in a year. We would rather give you the $20 and produce less CO2. Not in our delivery area? We will give you the same deal for UPS and FedEx delivery. We tried this the last few deliveries and were pleased that several of you took us up on this offer. Who doesn't want to save money and CO2?! (Not available with the 50% off health-care worker discount. Not sure what this is, just ask!)


  1. We can deliver wine directly to your home or to the home of your relative or friend. Estimated delivery begins 6/14. PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.
  2. If you are local or want to come for a visit, we are open for tasting and sales 11-6 every day. You must be vaccinated to do our tastings indoors. Everyone is welcome outdoors.
  3. You can get a gift card from us either electronically or we can send out a physical gift card for you. Give us a call for the physical card 509.829.9000.
  4. If your wine gift is going out of the state of Washington, you can order via VinoShipper. Whether we can ship to that location during the winter is dependent on the weather. If it is too hot, we have to hold off on shipping until the weather cools off a bit. If it is too cold, then we need to wait for things to warm up a bit. 


Some sad news, Sable was killed by a truck at the end of May and Digley died in his sleep the same day. Quite an emotional hit for both of us. The remaining three dogs (Monkey, Bear, and Goldilocks) are slowly getting back to themselves as are we. When we first got Bear two months ago he was smaller then Goldilocks at 30lb. Now he is the largest dog at about 60 and still growing!



If you want to keep up with us on a daily basis, you can follow us on FaceBook or Instagram.

You are welcome to spend time outdoors, take a walk around the vineyard, or a longer walk around our neighborhood. We can direct you to walks of 1 -10 miles, bring your dog!


We are still doing vineyard tours Sunday through Friday if you happen to be in the area.

We are so very thankful that you include us in your wine consumption and we hope that you will keep us in your rotation.
Thanks so much for continuing to support our tiny winery. And for supporting zero-pesticide organically grown wines.

Asking for a bit of help

Like many small wineries depending on direct-to-consumer sales, the past two years have been difficult.
Google reviews have become very important to small businesses. So too, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. But when it comes to searches, Google rules.
If you want to give us some support (other than the obvious of buying more wine), the best thing you can do is to take a few minutes and share your perspective on our tiny winery.
Go here on Google and look under reviews and add your own. Also feel free to post a photo or two or three.

All the best from our home to yours,

Paul and Barbara









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