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Holiday Dinners and Wine Pairings, What to Do?

What wine should you serve for insert your favorite winter feast here? Well, if it’s a feast with multiple guests it’s not a single wine, it is which wines will suit my guests and the ... Read more

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Private Label Wines

We do private label wines for both businesses and just regular folks. The two different wines that we are available right now are B’s Blend and Sangiovese. You supply the graphic and we will make ... Read more

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Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Recipes

Here is a link to a PDF of our popular Thanksgiving recipes. Print it out on paper stock and cut along the dotted lines. You will have six recipes and a bookmark. Three are hors ... Read more

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First Winery to Commit to 300 Gram Bottle

By Press Release November 16, 2023 Today a small winery in Zillah Washington was the first winery in the USA to commit to the new 300 gram bottle from Verallia. Paradisos del Sol Winery and ... Read more

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Pig And Turkeys

Thanksgiving in Wine Country

Once upon a time in the Yakima Valley, the majority of wineries had an open house over the weekend of Thanksgiving. Each winery would create a dish and give out recipe cards. For many years ... Read more

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Bchw 22nd Ride

The Horses are Coming! The Horses are Coming!

2023 BCHW 22nd Annual Winery Ride and Halloween Costume Contest, October 28th That is, the Back Country Horsemen of Washington State are having their annual ride in the Rattlesnake Hills. There will be approximately 600 ... Read more

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End Of Vintage Grapes

We have wrapped our 11th vintage from our Zero-Pesticide Vineyard

We’ve wrapped up the harvest in the vineyard for this vintage. My first vintage on the crush pad was 1983, 41 harvests ago! Every vintage has been different, some radically so. This one was fairly ... Read more

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PMS Donations through September

We just donated $1400 to make 175 Freedom Kits at $8 each to be used locally in the Yakima Valley. This money comes from four months of our sales of PMS wine and is funded ... Read more

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Rose Paradiso 2020 Background

New Release of Rosé Paradiso

We have just released a new vintage of our Rosé Paradiso! It is the 2020 vintage. Are we the slowest Rosé producers? At the least, we are in the 1% that is s l o ... Read more

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PMS Donation Update as of 8/31/23

We have been selling our Paul’s Mocha Stuff (PMS) since the beginning of June. We chose to have this wine be a “choose your own price” wine. Minimum $14, maximum “sky’s the limit.” Anything over ... Read more

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