Is February the Longest Month?

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It sure feels like it. We had very cold days in addition to wind gusts of up to 45mph ongoing constantly. Those few days alone felt like a month. We did miss out on the late snow storm surprise that hit the West side and Portland. Just c-c-c-c-cold here.

Interested in getting some wine delivered to your home or business? Free wine deliveries beginning the end of this week. With Barbara’s regular medical appointments, visiting her mother, and some fun family events she is heading back to the Salish Sea area again on Thursday, March 2. She is planning to spend the next week visiting family and friends and bringing wine to doorsteps. Call, text, message, or email us if you would like our wine on your doorstep.

She may be heading up I-5 as far as Bellingham, further if a patron orders! As well as all the territory along I-82 and I-90 between Zillah and Seattle. She will be going south also, as far as however the orders come in, within reason. So, if you want our wine delivered to your door call, text, email, FB messenger, or IG messenger. We find the clouds of the Cascades block smoke signals.

Barbara heads out mid-day Thursday. Please get your order in by Wednesday night, 3/1 (March! Yippee!).



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