The Tasting Room


Home of the Sip, Sip, Bite, Sip!

Our tasting room is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm. We have a $10 tasting fee that we rarely collect. The fee is not charged if you spend at least $20 on anything. We are strong believers that wine should go with food so we offer a small plate of morsels to accompany our wine.

We are located on Highland Drive, two miles north of Zillah, WA. We are in the “thick of it” with 1/3 of the Yakima Valley’s tasting rooms within 15 minutes.

Sometimes during the winter our hours might vary. Over the winter we occasionally close for an hour (or a day), so please call ahead to make sure one of us is here! If we are just gone for a few minutes, you can visit another winery and then come back to us.

Our tasting room is in part of our house that used to be surrounded by a cherry orchard. We have pulled the orchard out to make way for our vineyard. There are beautiful views of both Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. We always have food at our tasting room, some of which you can also make at home by downloading our recipes. We believe wine and food should always go together.

There are facilities for picnicking and lots of room for kids and dogs to go for a romp (as long as the dogs aren’t chasers of chickens). Our twenty-five-year-old son, Kevin, keeps our tasting room kid friendly with a play area inside. We have Legos and blocks to play with, and fruit drinks and water for those who don’t drink wine. Kids can feed the chickens or play with our dogs (Digley 8/08, brothers Sable and Monkey 10/20, Goldilocks ??, Bear 1/22) or pet the cats if you can find them. They live for attention (and food)—don’t we all! We have a couple of ponds with fish and frogs. We also have sheep and a pig and geese, very pastoral!

We display the largest collection of Marshallese baskets outside the Marshall Islands. The Marshallese are known for their basket-making skills and it is apparent when you see the wonderfully intricate work. 

Don’t forget to check out Kevin’s Jellybean store.

Barbara and Paul run the tasting room. Paul particularly tries to be around on Saturday afternoons to answer the technical and esoteric wine questions you may have. With over 39 years in the wine world, Paul has plenty of knowledge (and opinion!) to share. Click here for a primer on How to Taste Wine (according to Paul).

Please come by and visit us anytime. We always have lots of fun in our tasting room!