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There are several ways to order wine from us. The old-fashioned way of picking up the phone and calling us (509.829.9000). You could also text us at the number or email us.

Here is an order form of our current wine selection in a PDF file or an Excel file. We offer free delivery within a few hours of our winery (within reason!).

If you would like your wine shipped to you, you can use the option below (via VinoShipper). We can only ship in the Spring and the Autumn when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

Even though the list of states below doesn’t include Washington, rest assured that we can also ship to Washington. Although we try to deliver in person if possible.

For more information about each wine, choose “view details” below each wine bottle. Or you could download our list of wines and pricing.

If you have questions about any of our wines, we are very happy to answer the phone and chat with you about them.

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