Spring Barrel Tasting

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April 26, 27, 28 Paul, the Man in the Wild Pants, has been hosting Spring Barrel Tastings since 1985, both in Spokane and the Yakima Valley. Approximately 46 separate events. He has tried to make … Read more

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Ava 18-year Anniversary (Founders’ Day): Chasing out the Snakes

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This is happening the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day (3/15 – 3/17). Founders Day is officially on 3/20, but that is a Wednesday, and not so easy for people to come visit us. St Patrick’s … Read more

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Organic Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting

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Visit four vineyards with our master winegrower, Paul Vandenberg, owner of Paradisos del Sol Winery, including our own organic vineyard.

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