Small-Batch Wine Processing

Img 4554.jpg

What do you do with that one row of grapes that you want to process but not through the usual methods of a de-stemmer, crusher, and press?

Do it all by hand! Like we do with our White Muscat and Orange Muscat (half a row of each).

The picking process is the same. And yes, Paul helps with picking all of the grapes in addition to being the tractor driver.

We crush the grapes by hand (well, actually by foot). Thanks to all of those who helped on that day!

Paul scoops the grapes out of the bin with a very handy square bucket. He puts them into our baby press.

We only use this press once a year for the Muscat grapes. The juice gets put into a 5-gallon glass carboy.

When there is a small amount of wine pomace (the leftover grape skins), Miss Piggy gets to feast!



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