New Release of Rosé Paradiso

Rose Paradiso 2020 Background

We have just released a new vintage of our Rosé Paradiso! It is the 2020 vintage.

Are we the slowest Rosé producers? At the least, we are in the 1% that is s l o w.

Most of the World’s pink wine is in the bottle in less than six months and on the market. Most of it isn’t that special and sells well under $10. It’s cheap to make and traditionally is quite inexpensive.

We don’t think pink and white wines shouldn’t get deluxe treatment. Our rosé and most whites get barrel fermented and aged. Typically 10-12 months in the barrel and 1-3 years aging in the bottle. Time is the most important ingredient in fine wines.

Drink whites and Rosési young! Marketing crap ordained by accountants! Almost all wine is sold years before it is in its prime, usually in its awkward adolescent stage. Angular, rough around the edges, not terribly well mannered, there are of course always exceptions in wine and 13-year-old kids.

So yes! We are just debuting our 2020 Rosé Paradiso, our family’s favorite wine at Thanksgiving with the turkey and mashed potatoes.

This vintage is entirely Sangiovese, one of the real stars in our vineyard. It’s the first time since 1999 that we have made a rose from one variety. It has had zero use of any pesticides since 2012. It has three ingredients, grapes, yeast, and a bit of K₂SO₄ for SO₂ protection whilst aging.

We think Rosés should be great wines. Pink is as special as red or white. We made this rich, complex, dry, sur lie Rosé from Sangiovese, fermented and aged in barrels made in the last millennium.

We make our Rosé for smoked and grilled salmon, Oyster Mushrooms in cream sauce over polenta, potato salad and corn on the cob on a summer eve, ham, a bit of Brie on a chilly winter eve. We drink it on the Fourth, we share it at Thanksgiving, we enjoy it at lunch, and it’s on our year-round menu. We chill it on hot days and drink it at 65F most of the time.

In 2020 our intensive labor for canopy management paid off, eight years without a pesticide used on the Sangiovese. Zero spraying of vines, beautiful healthy grapes. Sunlight is the best defense for fungus and insect pests and we get loads of sun in the Rattlesnake Hills. As wholistic growers, we strive to expose every berry and leaf to direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% hand-picked sustainably grown organic grapes, yeast, minimum effective so2 (potassium metabisulfite)

Estate grown, produced, and bottled by Paradisos del Sol Zillah, WA, USA, in the heart of the Yakima Valley



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