New Wine Releases

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August has been a month with a lot of releases of new wine and new vintages.

Paul’s Mocha Stuff, PMS

First, we came out with Paul’s Mocha Stuff, PMS, a wine devoted to raising funds for homeless shelters to provide menstrual supplies. It’s a true humanitarian need.

What is it? A fortified, aka dessert wine, based on Cabernet Sauvignon, harvested in 2004, aged in barrel for 12 years, infused with cacao, coffee, and vanilla beans. It is a Tawny, our Zort is a Ruby.

The price? Up to you, a minimum of $14 to meet our commitment of dollars per bottle donated to the project. We have sold bottles for $15 and for $40. The average has been just over $26.

We are now trying to figure out where to send the first amount. If you have suggestions we are open. The original group we were working with folded.

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

Then the return of Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 vintage. It’s a blend with Cabernet Franc and Malbec. It is very different from the last vintage, 2013, more in the mode of 2000-2009. We are really enjoying it with the beef we recently harvested. Both are really, really good.

This week we sold out of the 2015 Oyster White and 2015 Sève. So now we have the 2016 vintage of both. As I write this I’m finishing a glass of 2016 Sève I poured to have with chicken tamales from Lupe and my salsa verde. Very happy mouth .

We are having an introductory special for September on these two, 50% off when you purchase a total of twelve bottles of any of our wines. Case discount

2016 Sève

In 2016 we picked on the riper side. The result is a wine a bit less tart than the previous vintage. It still is great with the spicy piquant dishes I like with it. I tested it with Bamboo Thai’s fresh rolls a couple of weeks ago, still one of my favorite wine/food matches.

2016 Oyster White

Very similar to the 2015 vintage. I haven’t had the chance to have it yet this year with a fresh Dungeness crab☹️. It is great with Poulet le Estragon, another favorite matchup.



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