PMS Donation Update as of 8/31/23


We have been selling our Paul’s Mocha Stuff (PMS) since the beginning of June. We chose to have this wine be a “choose your own price” wine. Minimum $14, maximum “sky’s the limit.” Anything over $10 will be donated to women’s shelters to be used for menstrual supplies for homeless women.

We are getting ready to send the first check out from our PMS project. The response has been good from our visitors with an average price of about $23 (through the end of August). Which means $13 per 65 bottles to provide menstrual supplies to homeless women. Including cash donations, we are ready to donate our first amount of $828.

We are still working out whom we should donate the money to. We want to get the biggest bang for our bucks. Our first monies will be local to the Yakima area.



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