Thanksgiving in Wine Country

Pig And Turkeys

Once upon a time in the Yakima Valley, the majority of wineries had an open house over the weekend of Thanksgiving. Each winery would create a dish and give out recipe cards. For many years there were no tasting fees.

Well, we are doing a retro weekend.

If you’ve been here before you know we always have a plate every day, all the time. For Thanksgiving, we focus on dishes related to the classic American Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing/stuffing, and cranberry relish. What to do with leftovers? A new twist for next year, help accommodate vegans?

Special dishes, recipe cards, no tasting fee, wine made from Zero Pesticide grapes, what else do you want?

Mushroom pâté, the vegan alternative to turkey stuffing.

Cranberry chipotle chutney, how to take that cranberry jelly and make a great addition to a turkey sandwich or . . .

Pumpkin Paradiso, the vegan alternative to pumpkin custard pie.

Kid-friendly, with puppies, kittens, Miss Piggy, and a toy corner. Poorly managed children will be given a kitten! 



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