Wine Bottle Closures

Bottle closures

There are at least six different kinds of wine bottle closures: cork, synthetic cork, screw, cap, glass, stopper, crown, champagne, and cork.


Natural cork closures are widely used for both wine and champagne. They come in various sizes and qualities, ranging from traditional, solid cork to composite or agglomerate corks. Natural cork closures allow for a slight oxygen exchange, which can contribute to the aging process. We have never used cork closures, voila! No cork taint!

Synthetic Cork

Synthetic corks are made from materials like plastic or composite materials. They are designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural cork. Synthetic corks provide a consistent closure option without the risk of cork taint. We have always used synthetic corks or screw caps to preserve the quality of our Wines.

Screw Cap

Screw caps, also known as Stelvin closures, consist of a threaded metal cap that provides an airtight seal. Screw caps are easy to open and reseal, making them more convenient than other closures. We love screw caps and are changing all of our wines to them.

Glass Stopper

Glass stoppers have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional closures. They provide an almost airtight seal and can be resealed easily with their plastic ON ring. Glass stoppers are visually appealing to some.

Crown Cap

Crown caps are used for aging sparkling wines. They consist of a metal cap that is crimped onto the neck of the bottle using a crown capper. Crown caps are effective at preserving carbonation in sparkling wines and are kept in place until the wine is ready to go to market with a champagne cork.

Champagne Cork

Champagne closures are specifically designed to withstand the pressure generated by sparkling wines. They consist of a thick mushroom-shaped cork, held in place by a wire cage, known as a muselet. Champagne corks are generally larger and sturdier than those used for still wines.

The type of wine closure used has nothing to do with the quality of the wine it is protecting. Screw caps can be some of the best ones in the world and corks can be some of the worst, and vice versa. That is why we stick to synthetic corks and screw caps. That way we never ever have an issue with cork taint.



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